Ranada is a truly gifted Pilates instructor who is helping me achieve my goal of feeling better in my body. I have an autoimmune arthritis, fibromyalgia, and hypermobile joints that created a baseline of constant pain that interferes with my daily life. I have tried different pilates instructors (including ...Read More

"My friend and therapist Nikki Dority is without a doubt the most well trained and gifted physical therapist I have encountered anywhere. I am a lifelong skier and active older mom and grandmom. I have spent years of skiing and racing everywhere and using primitive (1940s) equipment to what we have ...Read More

"Thank God for Candice! The surgeon repaired the injury, but Candice made me feel better and allowed me to regain functionality. I worked with a different physical therapist for 6 weeks before working with Candice. My improvement during the first 6 weeks was negligible; after working with Candice, ...Read More

"Nikki Dority is to me one of the most amazing people. We meet when I was in physical therapy with another therapist and she would sub. I was so happy when I needed therapy again that they recommend her. They thought I needed surgery, but this was a last stitch effort. Wow was I thankful, Nikki knew ...Read More

"Candice's skill, keen insights, coupled with her in depth knowledge of body mechanic has truly helped me with a number of arthritic issues. Adding exercises for small muscles has given me more relief in my neck issues than the previous several decades of other types of physical therapy. Her use ...Read More

"I have been seeing Dr Dority for 10 years now for various ailments and each time she has been able to diagnose the problem and treat it accordingly. Her ability to ask the right questions and diagnose is phenomenal all while making you feel comfortable in her exam room. "

"I have made so much progress since beginning Pilates with Ranada. She takes the principles that I have in physical therapy and uses those to build strength in the areas that I need to support my back. Ranada is excellent at providing a supportive atmosphere that is custom made to fit my current ...Read More

"When I came to see Nikki, I had been suffering persistent pain in my hip for about a year. Prior to the onset of the pain, I was extremely active in a number of physical activities, but the pain had rendered me unable to walk even a block and caused me to gain over thirty pounds. I had been to a ...Read More

I feel the need to compare the care that I received from Dr. Winslow's office to previous services that I was given for the same injury because the difference is so striking.

Anyone who has had a significant musculoskeletal injury will tell you the pain is bad enough. Salt on the open wound ...Read More

I was looking for a massage therapist who could provide therapeutic expertise and a stress relieving experience. On my first visit with Ranada Erickson, I knew I had found a "massage home". Ranada was authentic, interested and attentive. With her, I found that perfect balance of therapy and relaxation. ...Read More

As a Colorado athlete continually trying to keep up with my mentors and peers at the ski areas, on the trails, in the mountains and all around the state, I finally realized that I have to take care of my body. My Physical Therapist got me on the right track by diagnosing my problems and recommending ...Read More

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